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Community Meeting #2 (October 2018)

Photos: Gretchen Ertl


Barbara Jordan II

Community Engagement

This community engagement process is intended to foster a meaningful dialogue among Upper South Providence residents, anchor institutions, neighborhood organizations and other local stakeholders about how to respond to local development pressures that are beginning to be felt and how reinvestment of vacant properties could contribute with broader benefits the surrounding community. 

This process is focused in the property known as Barbara Jordan II (74 former public housing units) composed by a total of 27 two- and three-story apartment buildings located in scattered sites totaling 2.75 acres currently owned by Rhode Island Housing.

During this six-month engagement process (July 2018 - January 2019) led by Camiros Ltd., Borderless is collaborating in the community engagement activities that are generating the input for planning principles, guidelines and requirements that will be included in the Request for Proposals document for the redevelopment of this site.



Client: Rhode Island Housing

Planning team:

Camiros Ltd. (project leader)

Borderless Studio


In the news:

Future of Providence’s Barbara Jordan II affordable housing development discussed – Providence Journal. October 15, 2018.

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