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Photos: Jane Addams Hull House Museum / Brandon Fields

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Claiming Space

As part of the research of closed schools that Borderless started in 2016, Jane Addams Hull House Museum was interested in taking a closer look in the West Side of Chicago as part of the project Making the West Side.

Borderless in collaboration with artist and photographer Sara Pooley, contributed to this exhibition titled Claiming Space with an interactive installation visualizing closed schools located in the West Side – highlighting that 18 of the 43 documented through Creative Grounds initiative.

Inspired in the school playground game tic-tae-toe, these rotating plastic cubes displayed information and visuals about each of the schools: architectural character captured by illustrations, photos of the buildings, student demographics at the time of the closing, bibliography of who they were named after – including a significant number of prominent African-Americans.

This installation is a combination of playful interaction and reflection about racial equity and social impact. 

More about this exhibition:

Jane Addams Hull House: Claiming Space




Jane Addams Hull House Museum

In collaboration with:

Sara Pooley

Special thanks:

Ross Jordan, Curator, JAHHM

Jennifer Scott. Executive Director, JAHHM

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