Folded Map Chicago

Inspired by and in collaboration with Tonika Lewis Johnson's Folded Map photography project, Borderless designed an interactive map installation of Chicago to visualize the powerful geographic component of this project.

As part of Folded Map, Tonika connected residents in the South Side of Chicago –focused in Englewood– with their corresponding North Side addresses, their "twin address", using Madison Avenue as the zero-coordinate to mirror their location on the opposite site of the city. This interactive map aims to complement the photographic and video documentation by enabling visitors to reflect about their own understanding of Chicago's quality of built environment, and their contrasting conditions in the South or North Side.

More about Folded Map Project:

Tonika Johnson Photographer & Activist



Organization: Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA)

Exhibition curated by: Natasha Ritsma

Lead artist: Tonika Lewis Johnson



Valerie Wong, Lily Hernandez