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In Your City by the Lake

​Borderless Studio, The Night Gallery, and MAS Context teamed up for an evening of design and popular media, bringing together communities and audiences from different parts of the city.


Instead of reductive descriptions of the city in statistics or tweets, this public program invited participants to share individual memories to create a collaborative playlist. This playlist –composed of Chicago-centric movie clips, home videos, songs, and place-based memories – collects myriad lived experiences of Chicagoans.


The playlist was created by using both digital and analog tools; to contribute memories of “your city by the lake,” in the words of the Smashing Pumpkins, participants could submit in person at the MCA or through an open call online. Shared memories were visualized using a combination of analog and digital media as well: projection (both for narratives and film clips), sound by playing the songs, and physical map by locating and color-coding places where memories belonged.

More about this program:

MCA The Commons 

MAS Context Fall 2018



Host organization:

Museum of Contemporary Art

Common Use Program


MAS Context

The Night Gallery

Borderless Studio

Special thanks:

Gibran Villalobos – MCA's Partnership and Engagement

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Videos: © MCA Chicago

Common Use: In Your City by the Lake, A Collaborative Chicago Playlist, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

September 21, 2018

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Poster 'In your City by the Lake': Wesley Kloss Design (

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