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(kc) Pavilion

As part of the program for the Kansai CREATE master plan developed for the Osaka Expo site, the (c)reative Pavilion would support the outdoor programming. One of the main principles of the master plan was having highly programmed open spaces as a major agenda of the creative industries allocated in the creative district.  


The (c) pavilion is a series of self-supporting structural surfaces or “shells” that will aggregate themselves according to their specific location. The “shells” has been based in aggregation of smaller modules.  This aggregation system of modules reaches its limit with a determine dimension, therefore these have been limited to a surface of 12 x 12 meters. 


The arrangement of these shells is flexible responding either to the block composition (grid) or open spaces. The main idea is that their arrangement would be according to pedestrian flows between main programs. The pavilons are designed to convey dinamism and establish visual relationship within themselves, as well with different elements of the site.  



Harvard Graduate School of Design

Instructor: Hiromi Hosoya

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