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Anthony Overton

Former Anthony Overton Elementary School located in Bronzeville (Chicago) closed in 2013, after over 50 years, and was bought by community development organization in 2015. As this site prepares for its redevelopment into an entrepreneurship center, a series of outdoor collaborative design interventions—including projection, installation and mapping—aim to reflect and celebrate its design legacy, introduce its renewed identity and propose new program opportunities to connect with the surrounding community.

This school was designed by Perkins and Will architecture firm in 1961. The building is ±60,000 square feet; in total the site occupies ±2.3 acres. “Overton consisted of functional separated units, with independent classroom sections three-story high with four classrooms per floor [...] The design of Overton was a prototype for new elementary school buildings associated with urban renewal housing projects” (Architecture for Education, 2002).

Anthony Overton is part of the initiative


2017-In Progress

Collaborators: Jessica Moon

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