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There was never a particular reason I would be attracted to visit Indianapolis -- as an urban explorer, I have definitely NOT done my homework properly. Indianapolis has surprised in a very positive way; not only their downtown is this super civic place making great strides to become a highly pedestrian and bike friendly environment, but their neighborhood life is blooming charmingly.

The Cultural Trail is a fascinating piece of connective urban infrastructure, social activity and economic redevelopment. The trail extends through out downtown with a distinct pathway, public art and creatively designed way finding elements, and also connects to a couple of neighborhoods just right outside the core area: Fountain Square and Mass Avenue Arts District.

Both neighborhoods are flooded with new restaurants and businesses, many local entrepreneurs testing new ideas for coffee and food shops, restaurants, brewing and distillery places, co-working and coop businesses.

The city also started its bike share program Indiana Pacers in April 2014, and it's operated by B-Cycle (same company that provides the systems in Philly, Austin, Milwaukee, Houston, and other 29 cities in the U.S.). A little over a year of having started, the program features 26 stations and 250 bikes, and represents a key support piece for mobility along the Cultural Trail and downtown. Another interesting addition to spot in the urban landscape is Blue Indy, an all-electric car-shared system featuring 500 compact white cars with blue labels in more than 200 stations. Mostly located in the core area of the city, these stations have electric chargers and 3-4 cars in average. It seems that Blue Indy offers what I have always wanted from Zipcar for years: a point A to point B service. Haven't heard much about it yet though, it's only day one, but looking forward to instigate some city-dwellers about it.

All good stuff. Creative, energizing and refreshing. Most importantly, very urban.

Love from Indy.

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