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Bring the Kids (and their Parents) to the Table

It's been a wonderful opportunity and experience to work in the Buena Vida Choice Neighborhood Plan in Brownsville, Texas. Borderless was invited as a consultant for Camiros Ltd. and the Housing Authority of the City of Brownsville (HACB) last September, to support their urban design and planning efforts, as well as their community engagement and participatory process.

Working alongside and learning from Adam Rosa, Principal at Camiros Ltd. and lead planning coordinator, has been a refreshing experience, especially regarding to the engagement methods with the community. We have been working closely with the staff of the HACB, an extremely enthusiastic and committed team to the healthy redevelopment of this 13-acre project site adjacent to downtown with over 150 units of public housing.

It's been extremely inspiring to work with the residents—including kids! We have organized a series of community workshops and events as part of this planning process. One of the most rewarding so far has been during the Community Open House on March 16, when we celebrated the culmination of a month of Visioning activities. Residents themselves where presenting to other residents the research, the community activities and early ideas for redevelopment!

Stay tuned.

Buena Vida resident presenting planning ideas to other neighborhood residents (March 2017).

Residents presenting their challenges and assets during workshop (September 2016)

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