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Urban Lighthouse

This competition called for ideas for a Center for Migration organized by Mexico City-based magazine Arquine. The site is adjacent to the San Ysidro international port, and has a pivotal function in the Tijuana/San Diego Area border serving 9 million people that cross every year. San Ysidro port has a vehicular-oriented ongoing expansion project at the time of this competition. As a way to provide structure and prioritize pedestrian flows, this proposal uses the structure and connection of existing and planned public spaces such as the Paseo Cultural and the Plaza Chaparral, and addresses the urban fabric through the NE corner of the block.

The main design principle is to position this corner as a new civic space that articulates the pedestrian flows between downtown Tijuana just across the River and the San Ysidro port. Repositioning the role of public space not only as urban infrastructure, but as an amenity that celebrates the character and intensity of use of this area of the city.

The building is a hybrid typology that integrates urban infrastructure, civic program and contributes to the public realm. The form responds to a circular ramp that connects with the existing bridge over the Tijuana River, and provides different views and outdoor rooms on the rooftop with unique city views.

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